10 Secrets Of Professional Closet Organization

Learn how to manage your closet like a pro.

When shopping for a home, 97% of people are looking for closet space. If you’ve ever faced a disorganized closet, you know how daunting it can feel. Where do you start? How do you create more space? What do you do with all the things?

Fortunately, those who specialize in professional closet organization have secrets to getting your closet in tip-top shape. If you’re having trouble organizing a closet, check out tips these tips:

Professional Closet Organization Tips

Declutter First

Ever open your closet door and have belongings come tumbling out? One of the best ways to keep your closet tidy is by decluttering. Not only is conquering clutter good for you, but you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more quickly. Also, by storing items you don’t need, you free up space for things you use more frequently. 

Professionals recommend having at least five piles when you declutter: one for items to donate, give to a close friend or family member, throw away, move to a different room, and a ‘not sure’ pile. For items in the ‘not sure’ pile, put everything in a box and store for six months. If you find you’re not using the item, it’s time to donate it. 

You might find some items that may be personal or memorable. For these, designate a private box and store these items somewhere safe. 

Have Space? Leave It!

Often people take belongings out of their closet and buy more organizational items, like containers or racks to store everything they have. To make a closet aesthetically pleasing, declutter and leave open space alone instead of trying to fill it with more items you might not need or use. Doing so creates a visually appealing space that you’re more likely to keep clean and tidy. 

Organize First, Buy Later

Before you run out and buy containers, baskets, hooks, and the like to organize your things, sort through it first. Many people are bitten by the organization bug and forget to actually go through their things first. Understand what items you have before you create an organizational space. 

Keep Like Items Together

Clutter is many objects all out of place. Categorizing items is ideal. When you’re wondering how to organize a closet, remember that like things go together. Keep pieces in one place together, according to their kind. For example, hang all of your shirts in one place, but separate them by type: long-sleeved shirts, blouses, button down tops, etc. Do the same for dresses, pants, jackets, and everything else you store in your closet. This way, when you’re searching for something specific, you won’t have to root through everything else to find it, which saves time.

For items that cannot be on hangers, use storage bins, containers, or other storage racks and set zones for these items. For example, all shoes must stay in a rack or shelf, all ties on a tie spinner, all sheets in a container, and so forth, and keep that zone strictly for those things. Zoning makes finding objects quick and easy.

Go with Adjustable Shelves

Have you ever tried storing something in your closet only to find out it fits awkwardly? Using adjustable shelves is recommended for closet space. If you have taller items, move the shelves up to accommodate them, and the same for smaller pieces. Or consider building a customized closet for your needs. 

Most-Used Items Front & Center

When you begin the task of sorting through your closet, do you have difficulty deciding where items should go? One of our best closet organization tips is to think of your closet as a house. The most used items need to be right in front of you – daily pieces like shoes, clothing, and other things you use frequently. 

For all other things that you use occasionally, those should be stored in the ‘attic’ of your closet – up high so they’re out of sight until you need them. This systematic approach provides less confusion when you’re searching for an item. 

Make it Matchy-Matchy

When you open your closet to see a mismatched array of plastic and wooden hangers, or different colored baskets or containers, it already gives the impression that everything is out of sorts. A closet that has matching hangers and matching baskets or containers creates a look that’s orderly and clean. This will put your mind at ease when you see your closet space.

Store a Ladder for Reaching High Spaces

A ladder in your closet? Actually, yes! Storing a small step ladder in your closet makes getting ready or searching for an item more streamlined, especially if you need to look upon a higher shelf! There’s no wasting time leaving the room to look for a tool to help you see higher; it’s right there in the closet. 

Sprinkle in Some Thoughtful Decor

If your closet space allows, consider adding decor to your closet. A simple rug or lighting fixture transforms the space from simple storage into an elegant area. Since adding decor can create a more complete space, it can also be an encouragement to keep your space tidy and organized. 

Define Your Why

Why do you want to get organized? Will it save you time? Are you decluttering? Organizing a closet can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you own many things. Keeping a ‘why’ in the back of your mind will help you stay motivated if it seems excessive.

Ready To Organize Your Closet?

The professionals make it look easy, but you can maintain the order of your closet with these tips. Open the doors and start your journey towards an organized closet space today. 

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