Your Organized Garage: Less Impossible Than You Thought

Garage organization storage systems. Silver cabinets, stainless countertops, gray slatwall.
Get inspired to get organized with dream garage designs you haven’t even thought of.

Do you have a dream garage setup? Do you dream about rotating car platforms, car lifts, motorcycle display stands, and other special features? At 180 Closet Design, we enjoy creating custom designs. But you don’t have to be Bruce Wayne to have your own personal bat cave.

You can have a garage that meets all of your needs with style. Consider these tried-and-true garage storage ideas. We’ll customize your garage to fit your needs, and have been doing so for homes in Northern Virginia since 2010.  

Display Your Tools Instead Of Hiding Them Away

If your garage is messy and you can’t store your things properly, you are doing it wrong. Instead of trying to stuff everything you have into storage containers, consider displaying some of your tools instead.

Imagine walking into your garage and seeing all of your gardening tools in neat storage containers, and on top of worktables. Your lawnmower, leaf blower, shop vacuum and car vacuum are arranged on the wall. Your fishing hooks neatly lined up in an easy-to-grab space on the ceiling. Everything is easy to take out and put back. 

Install Custom Cabinetry to Hide the Ugly Stuff

Whether you’re a dedicated DIY-er, a sporting equipment enthusiast, or a family juggling bikes, strollers, and seasonal gear. Your garage organization and storage should be as diverse as your family’s hobbies and needs. 

Opt for a garage storage system designed for both functionality and aesthetics. Consider:

  • Heavy-duty cabinets and shelves built to withstand even the most demanding hobbies and equipment.
  • Customizable storage solutions including bike racks, tool organizers, pegboards, and wall-mounted tracks for maximum flexibility.
  • Integrated lighting, such as motion-sensor activated LED strips, or overhead track lighting, to ensure every inch of your garage has functional lighting.

Deck Out Your Workbench Area

Looking for a space that is all your own to sit down and focus on your projects? A garage is a great place to do that, but first, you need a work area that fits into your space just right.

Is your garage on the smaller side? A workbench that folds up onto the wall is right for you, complete with a tool wall for storing and displaying everything you need right above it. Or perhaps you have room for the real deal: an all-out work area where you can fix appliances, craft your home projects, and do it all in a space where it’s okay for things to get a little messier than inside the house.

Keep Secrets Safe with a Hidden Compartment

Are you hankering for a tool wall that is more than just, well, a tool wall? Want to open it up and find something special in there, something only you and the ones you trust will know about? Keeping certain things safely away from children is always a good thing.

Whether you have a collection that you want to keep 100% secure, or you want to build a safe that is hidden in plain sight, we’ve seen it all. Talk to us about a custom solution for all of your hidden compartment needs.

Elevate Your Space with a Hobby Loft

Looking to turn your garage into two rooms instead of one? Want space for that workbench but not sure where to put it with all of that equipment and storage you have to keep in your garage? Or do you maybe just need extra storage and aren’t sure where to put it?

One option to consider is building out easily accessible loft space. You could have a simple catwalk that allows you to get to the gear you need to be stored up high, or you could have a whole other room set up like a man cave.

This is something you should NOT DIY unless you are really truly an expert! One of the trickiest things about building in garages are the concrete walls and making sure that your structures are 100% secure, something we already have over 10 years of experience with.

Create a Kid’s Rock Wall

Now, this is something awesome that kids will love! Just about any wall can become a rock climbing wall if you want it to be. Once you have your storage, display, cabinetry, and custom design elements in your garage, you might find yourself having a ton of extra space on one or more walls.

This is a great option if you have an especially tall garage with nice high ceilings, though you may want to invest in some mats to put below the wall if it goes too high (even a rig for harness lines too).

You can use a rock wall as part of another solution as well; perhaps utilizing the space behind it for storage or having it lead up to your hobby loft. Remember, this is your custom garage, so you get to put on your designer hat and work with us, your resident garage storage system and organization experts, to come up with something you will love.

Don’t Forget Your Garage

Custom storage systems in your home increase its resale value, and more importantly, increase your peace of mind and quality of life. Most people tend to prioritize closets, home office, and kitchen storage solutions, and neglect their garage.

But if we are being honest, the garage is the place in your home that needs an organization solution the most. This is where the excess from all of those other places tends to end up, and before you know it, you have a huge mess in your garage that makes you feel both embarrassed and overwhelmed.

Look through our garage storage systems to see what created resonates with you, or schedule a consultation with one of our experts to get some design ideas.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary garage storage design consultation.

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